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TD 10 whats once was home by xilenobody143
TD 10 whats once was home
again sorry this took soooooo long

2nd poll of the series is here
survival items introduced

make your votes ^_^
Rty by xilenobody143
so these are the stuff that got me busy for a few months. so blame them, hahah
as i mentioned a while ago i am helping a few of my friends with their final architectural thesis, basically i'm in charge with the 3d rendering and other stuff

This project belongs to Joey, it's about a film academy with half a dozen buildings on a 42 ha lot.
Audience by xilenobody143
wow it's been a while, eh, DA
i could go on about the details concerning school
but it's gonna remain a 'long story' cliche
and by long story, i mean 'won't bother to tell 'ya

another commission for larrykitty
sorry for taking so long
Mlp Fitk E01 Ch02 P13 by xilenobody143
Mlp Fitk E01 Ch02 P13


And here she thought that the shadow creatures somehow got to him. But she wasn’t really sure if he was fine or not, maybe he could be hurt.


A sound of someone stepping on a twig made twilight look at the direction of the snapping noise; a strange hooded figure seemed to have snuck up on her. No this wasn’t the stallion, but it made her wonder whether it were friend or foe. The hooded figure clutched the neckline of its hood with a hoof, it pulled down its hood and revealed a familiar face


Twilight was surprised to see her Zebra friend, why was she here, and before Twilight could even open her mouth to ask her questions, Zecora announced;

‘The winds have spoken, so have the birds,

I don’t have much time miss Sparkle, please heed my words’

Zecora had a deep voice, but this time it sounded a little hoarse. She had this natural habit of talking in rhymes, which confused some ponies from time to time. She spoke without hesitation and her speech seemed to be ‘hurried’, Twilight wondered what had gotten her zebra friend quite worried.

‘Shadow creatures have appeared throughout the land’ she continued…

‘bringing fear and pain both terrible and grand’

Suddenly Zecora’s voice shifted into a serious tone, giving Twilight a slight chill in her bones

‘Stay sharp Twilight sparkle and keep your friends close,

For a time will come that you’ll battle such foes,

But there is hope so don’t worry my dear,

A hero may rise, the one who’ll face fear,

Keep the strength of friendship strong, the bond that you all share,

For now I advice you to be more cautious and take care…’

Zecora wore back her hood, why was she in a serious mood. But before Twilight could respond once more, she interrupted her just like before.

‘I’m sorry but I have to go,

Just promise me to stay low’

The Zebra didn’t event waited for a reply from her friend, she just hurried along and strode back into the murky forest. Twilight tried to stop her to get more answers but she already left. All that Zecora left her were more Questions…

Mlp Fitk E01 Ch02 P12 by xilenobody143
Mlp Fitk E01 Ch02 P12


The pony was a unicorn stallion with a slightly light onyx coat and silver hair. He commanded her to run to safety, and without second thought Twilight obliged. She trotted as fast as her hooves could carry her, running away from those creatures as the distant thunder of the onyx pony’s magic smiting them down. Even now Twilight was confused at the sudden turn of events that transpired, first the nightmares, then the creatures, she got attacked not soon after and the next thing she know she was running away from a battle between the creatures and- wait… running? Those creatures, whatever they were, they were dangerous, and the onyx pony was facing them all alone. Somepony helped her and she just abandoned him, those creatures were dangerous to face with or without thunder magic.

Twilight stopped on her tracks… listen… the thunder have stopped… Is he…no, Twilight refused to think the unthinkable, the turned tail and headed back to aid the onyx pony, as the bearer of the element of magic she could not allow this, the stallion probably needed some help, what would the Princess think…

She returned to the forest clearing area hoping to help the onyx pony, but… they were already gone. He was not in sight even the shadow creatures from earlier weren’t around anymore, she scanned the area to make sure, but nothing… except for the torn up remains of her satchel and the ash spots on the forest floor…

‘He’s gone’

So I've mentioned before that i'm an architecture major, right? no? well now you know :D
by june next year (my final year, yay!) I'll be tackling my final thesis, They said that you can choose any project proposal so i've decided to go with


An Art Academy!
(hence the logo) summer finch D A by xilenobody143

so I need the assistance from the good people here in the Deviantart community to aid me (if that's alright with you...). My Project proposal will offer curricular art programs (mostly) ranging from the different variety of art education such as; Animation(traditional, 3d, visual effects), Architecture (interior, bs architecture, landscape), Fine arts (painting, sculpting, print making), Illustration, Industrial design, Motion pictures & television (film), Multi media communication, Game design, photography, and music production & sound design.

This journal entry is just basically a heads-up. so if anyone can help me I would really be grateful (but please don't think that you're obliged to). please let me know in the comment section below if you're interested, don't worry I won't ask you to do anything too hard. just a basic inquiry and survey or interview type of research. The point of this entry is just a quick announcement, I'll be posting more about this topic for the next few months, I hope to see you then.

BTW sorry if I haven't posted anything new for a while, must be mental block issues i guess.

and again thank you in advance
sincerely yours-



xilenobody143 has started a donation pool!
1,840 / 5,000
I need both points and experience, taking commissions and requests will be like killing two birds with one stone. While I have my imagination momentum, making more artwork will boost up my skills, for that I need drive and who better to provide it than you guys. Although do note that I am still learning the ropes, so if take on requests that I know are too hard for me I may decline. So anyways here are the types

oc characters, can range from anthro (anime), pokemon, ponies, monsters, or others. Make any unusual request, I don’t care.

Weapons design, character clothing and accessories, etc. Anything that a character can use or wear, you name them.

Logos, emblems and icons. Cutie marks included

= 1 lineart--> 50 :points:
= 1 character colored--> 70 :points:
= 1 character colored + shadows--> 100 :points:
= 1 character colored + shadows + BG--> 300 :points:
= additional character +40 :points:

= 1 lineart--> 15 points
= 1 character colored--> 80 :points:
= 1 character colored with shadows--> 150 :points:
= 1 character colored + shadows + BG--> 200 :points:
= additional character 30 :points:

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Once there was a time where this anonymous Unikin stood still in one place
There before the Unikin was the great path of life
The path to tomorrow leads to numerous crossroads and forks
Each path leads to something different and separate, entirely unknown to us
A day came when people started to interfere with the Unikin's life,
and meddle with the individual's life choices, pushing the Unikin to paths that he was uncertain of.
This had continued for a long while and the day came where the person just accepted this fate.
This person was convinced that going with the flow was easier,
so the person let other people take charge of navigation on the path of life.
One day the anonymous person tripped on a pebble on his journey on the path.
Grazing the knee, the person cried in pain and wondered how something so small could do so much harm.

That was the day where the person looked back in the paths in which were taken.
The numerous routes crossed with uncertainty and aimlessly
Then the Unikin said to himself "NO MORE"
"I shall not let other people navigate for me"
"I shall not be a mere pawn of fate"
"I shall decide my own destiny"
"I shall be the author of my own story"
"No more shall numerous paths fill me with anxiety"
"Today the line shall be drawn"
The Unikin then pulled most the paths together and tied it into a singular straight line
What once were multitudes of pathways was now a single braided path lay before the Unikin
For some it was chaotic and ridiculous, but for the Unikin, It was perfection
A braided path made up of everything from the path of tomorrow
It was no longer a number of path choices, But a path of UNITY...
"These combination of paths are needed to get to my destination."
"The unity path"
"I walk aimlessly no more. I can see it now, my goals, my dreams."
"...Too far to reach"
"...yet Close enough to see..."

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