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How to train your drakarys by xilenobody143
How to train your drakarys
medium: color pencil (faber castel)
image: Photo snapshot
character: denearys stormborn of house targaryen
sorry for the typos and incorrect spelling
td BONUS and there were three by xilenobody143
td BONUS and there were three
sorry for the long update but i finaly got through my finals week *yay*
I promise to work on the next chapter asap (after i'm done procrastinating lol)

anyways here's the summary so far

td part 1:…

td part 2:…

td part 3:…

td part 4:…

td part 5:…

td part 6:…

td part 7:…

td part 8:…
Display Of Loyalty by xilenobody143
Display Of Loyalty
contest entry for Klonoa-Rainbow-Dash
voting page klonoa-rainbow-dash.deviantart…

the mane 6 had been ambushed by a string of windigoes, they are all frozen except for rd.
the sight of her friend's frozen bodies sparked a power within her
rage was building up as she felt a surge of power circulating throughout her body.
a type of power only a faithful friend can conjure

the power of loyalty

her coat changed into a brilliant white color and her cutie mark into a dark rainbow thunder cloud
her mane sparked and burst-ed into flames
the windigoes tried to attack with their breath of frost
but it only turned into steam as it made contact to her majestic flaming rainbow
she then opened her eyes, revealing her deep ruby colored glare
then one thought came to mind...

'it is on'
Mlp Fitk E01 Ch02 P08 by xilenobody143
Mlp Fitk E01 Ch02 P08
continuing from chapter 1. sorry for the long long time span but I honestly don't think that this series will kick off

After sharing her woes with her friends, Twilight decided to see Zecora to get some of her favorite kind of tea leaves
Did the dreams really mean anything or not?
matters as such doesn't quite intrigue the little skeptical unicorn
what she sees is what she believes
and logic and facts are her bread and butter
On the dark forest floor grows these particular plant called "the fire petals" a type of plant that can attract torchbugs
She made use of this science to light her way to the murky forest of everfree
this is because the magic aura used by unicorns for illumination spells are familiar to some carnivorous species that reside in the forest, the type that can prey on unwary equines so it's wiser to use the fire petals
this was logic, these we're facts, and these are the things that the unicorn can understand unlike the supernatural mumbo-jumbo that some of the ponyvillians believe in...
for the first trotting dead poll I asked you guys what will rainbow's weapon be. Either a fire ax or a scout bat. the poll ends today and the results are...
Fire ax - 9 votes
scout bat - 17 votes

yeah a bat matches RD better than the ax anyway. Alrighty then, let's start on td 7... cornered rat
see ya then!


xilenobody143 has started a donation pool!
1,590 / 5,000
I need both points and experience, taking commissions and requests will be like killing two birds with one stone. While I have my imagination momentum, making more artwork will boost up my skills, for that I need drive and who better to provide it than you guys. Although do note that I am still learning the ropes, so if take on requests that I know are too hard for me I may decline. So anyways here are the types

oc characters, can range from anthro (anime), pokemon, ponies, monsters, or others. Make any unusual request, I don’t care.

Weapons design, character clothing and accessories, etc. Anything that a character can use or wear, you name them.

Logos, emblems and icons. Cutie marks included

= 1 lineart--> 50 :points:
= 1 character colored--> 70 :points:
= 1 character colored + shadows--> 100 :points:
= 1 character colored + shadows + BG--> 300 :points:
= additional character +40 :points:

= 1 lineart--> 15 points
= 1 character colored--> 80 :points:
= 1 character colored with shadows--> 150 :points:
= 1 character colored + shadows + BG--> 200 :points:
= additional character 30 :points:

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Abundabar Neil
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Once there was a time where this anonymous Unikin stood still in one place
There before the Unikin was the great path of life
The path to tomorrow leads to numerous crossroads and forks
Each path leads to something different and separate, entirely unknown to us
A day came when people started to interfere with the Unikin's life,
and meddle with the individual's life choices, pushing the Unikin to paths that he was uncertain of.
This had continued for a long while and the day came where the person just accepted this fate.
This person was convinced that going with the flow was easier,
so the person let other people take charge of navigation on the path of life.
One day the anonymous person tripped on a pebble on his journey on the path.
Grazing the knee, the person cried in pain and wondered how something so small could do so much harm.

That was the day where the person looked back in the paths in which were taken.
The numerous routes crossed with uncertainty and aimlessly
Then the Unikin said to himself "NO MORE"
"I shall not let other people navigate for me"
"I shall not be a mere pawn of fate"
"I shall decide my own destiny"
"I shall be the author of my own story"
"No more shall numerous paths fill me with anxiety"
"Today the line shall be drawn"
The Unikin then pulled most the paths together and tied it into a singular straight line
What once were multitudes of pathways was now a single braided path lay before the Unikin
For some it was chaotic and ridiculous, but for the Unikin, It was perfection
A braided path made up of everything from the path of tomorrow
It was no longer a number of path choices, But a path of UNITY...
"These combination of paths are needed to get to my destination."
"The unity path"
"I walk aimlessly no more. I can see it now, my goals, my dreams."
"...Too far to reach"
"...yet Close enough to see..."

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